What we do


We combine sport, education and networking in order to reinforce social cohesion. Throught them, we offer a prosocial sport’s program with the aim to minimize the factors that contribute to the adoption of violent ideas and behaviors in youth.

SPEY includes sports practice, transversal skills and values, games (a board game creation and e-Games sessions) trekkings, playful activities, participation in sports events, volunteering and other actions to achieve the objectives of the project. That’s how we combine sports and education.

Public administrations and networking are vital to develop this project in several senses, which range from allowing the use of courts, fields and gyms or promoting the project as its own by replicating it in different neighborhoods and towns. To achieve this aim, a program is being created to disseminate SPEY in different European countries by different organizations.

In order to contribute to social cohesion, involvement of the different local agents such as local public administrations, sports federations, clubs and NGOs is essential.

SPEY keeps an international perspective while maintaining national and international academic support. Experts on radicalization and its prevention are creating, applying and evaluating the project every step it takes. In this way, scholarly literature is used to examine and analyze the development and effectiveness of SPEY. Theoretical contribution is going hand by hand with the practical application of the program.

In order to achieve or goals, we are:

Creating and sharing the program

Deliverables, like Handbook of Good Practices in 3 languages, will be created to disseminate SPEY. A board game (in 3 languages) will be executed to use as a fun element in different spheres by different organizations to raise awareness of radicalization.

Developing identification and measurement tools

Surveys, data collection and academic articles will be generated in order to measure the effectiveness of programs aimed at preventing extremism.

Training sports, improving health and generating opportunities to young people

We will improve young people’s health, skills and values through sessions on transversal competences. Also, they will discover new sports through practicing them. Networking with different stakeholders, NGOs, and institutions will be used to improve social support to each participant.

Training coaches and professionals who work with youth

We will develop a specific handbook for coaches and professionals with an accurate explanation of the process of radicalization and its prevention through sports practice.

Cooperating among different local stakeholders and the EU

We will create a triangle of intervention among public administrations, sports organizations and NGOs.

Sharing the project to be implemented in other countries

We will develop a Handbook of good practices which helps the replication of the project in any EU country.