Cristian and Soraya

"I want a future where I can continue to train in and find work related to this sport''

Cristian is from Bolivia and is 22 years old. Without training or a job, he was unable to complete his ESO studies to help his family with the economic problems they were going through.

He had never imagined that the position of sports instructor for people with intellectual disabilities existed, let alone that he would be one of the students


Her teachers say that it is the first time she has been excited about a course

Soraya was born in Barcelona. She is 16 years old and is currently under the Generalitat’s care. She is extroverted and open with her peers, but has issues with focus and taking responsibility. She did not complete her ESO studies. She preferred to take an aesthetics course but, as with INSERsport, did not manage to complete one.

Cristian’s participation can change his future.

Angie Carrasco, youth specialist at Casa del Cargos, the Youth Office of the Hospitalet de Llobregat, talks to us about Cristian’s progress in the INSERsport program’s sports group for people with intellectual disabilities.