Each young person has a story and a voice.
Know them.

All the young people who participate in this program derive from social services, ONG’s, DGAIA (Directorate General for Childhood and Adolescent Assistance) or Directorate General Penal Execution in the Comunity and Juvenil Justice. By respect to your privacy we will not explain in detail the situation that has crossed each one of them.


19 years, Syria · 2017 edition


29 years, Egypt · 2017 edition

Cristian and Soraya

22 and 16 years, Bolivia and Spain · 2017 Edition


17 years, Spain · 2017 edition

Bilal and Sergi

17 and 16 years, Spain and Russia · 2017 edition


16 years, Spain · 2017 edition


16 years, Spain · 2017 edition