"I would like to teach the children of Syria this sport''

Almuhannad is from Deir ez-Zor, Syria. He is 20 years old and has been in Barcelona for 5 months. His period of stay at the Casa Bloc housing facility will end in the next 3 months, and he is now looking for alternatives. 

His mother and one of his brothers are in Syria, while his father and the rest of his brothers are in Madrid. He likes to teach and would like to be able to return to his country to do that someday. He is learning Spanish thanks to his colleagues and instructors, which helps him relate to others and develop skills more quickly overall.

He is learning table tennis so that he can find a job.

He had a promising career as an athlete in Syria.

Sofi Escudé, director of the documentary OFFSIDE, explains Almuhannad’s story, who participates in the INSERsport program’s table tennis group.

Solidarity Awards

Almuhannad received an award for courage and self-improvement, one of the first ever Solidarity Awards, on behalf of the Catalan Private Football Foundation. Thanks to the INSERsport project, Almuhannad, a Syrian refugee in Turkey, got in touch with the Catalan Private Football Foundation and started playing for the Peña Barcelonalista Anguera.